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I Love Sarah Ghosh, You Don't? *gasp* Get Out. [entries|friends|calendar]
I Love Sarah, Yo! ~_^

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2 ♥ Sarahs - Kidnap Sarah?

[26 Oct 2006|05:57pm]


WTF is this?!??!

Why has this community been abandoned for so long?


Has it suddenly disappeared?... ;___;"


2 ♥ Sarahs - Kidnap Sarah?

Reminder =] [21 Mar 2005|04:40pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hey Hey Guys!!! =]

It's [finally] Spring Break and we have time to do things we've been meaning to do but put off. I'd like to remind y'all now is a good time to write Sarah an email/letter or call her or do something for our little baby over there. =] You know, something to make her little day like she does with her pictures and randomness. =] ♥♥♥

Kidnap Sarah?

Welcome to i_love_sarah_yo!!! [08 Jan 2005|12:45pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Hello! I made this journal for Sarah and haven't had the time to fix it up. [Midterms] I want to make another collage with more pictures. Valentina is going to make our official icon with randomness. =) Haha, as for my own layout, I want to make FMA. I stayed up til 2 trying to. >_<

To post into this community, right before you click "Update Journal" to the left click "Post to: i_love_sarah_yo" I doubt anyone checks this...

Sarah, I wrote you a letter! I need your address!!! ♥ Lily ♥

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